Dear Sonia and Kelly,

Your card and check came in today
and I want to thank you both very
Since moms care is no longer my
top piority, I am ready to move
forward with a plan I have had for
over a year and that is to relocate.
Idaho looks really good on paper
and two girlfriends and myself are
going to take a trip there to see if it
looks as good in person,
soooooooooo if it does, I will sell
my house and move there,
sooooooooooo that will mean I
won’t be needing your services if I
travel down the same road as mom
A couple of years ago, because I
was so impressed with the level of
care mom was receiving at
Guardian Angels, I instructed both
my sons that if I ended up with the
same problem as Nana. Call Sonia.
Do you have any friends in the
same business in Boise Idaho?
With that I will say bye for now,
St. Pauls - Lutheran Church and School

Dear People,

This letter is a reference for Sonia Patricia Garcia. For the past four years
she has worked under my direct supervision as Director of the Orange Adult
Day Services Center of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.
Sonia is faithful in her work, and takes initiative in the daily running of the
center. She supervises the personnel well and handles problems with
participants and caregivers. She has the capability to plan ahead, to budget,
and to keep on top of the day to day tasks. She both knows and implements
the laws and regulations of the State and Country.
Her pleasant manner and professional background make her well suited to
administer a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly.

Cordially yours,
Pastor Carl Lutz

Alzheimer’s  ASSOCIATION

Dear Mr. Grant,
It is my privilege and pleasure to provide this letter of reference for Sonia
The Alzheimer’s Association has enjoyed a long relationship with Ms.
Garcia. She is a valued volunteer with our agency. Sonia. has taken a
leadership role in committees, special events and support groups and is
always willing to help out wherever needed.
We have also had many opportunities to observe Ms. Garcia at work in her
own agency, the Orange Adult Day Care Center, and in the community. She
interacts with clients and families in a warm and professional manner and is
well-known and respected by the senior service provider network, as well.
We hold Ms. Garcia in the highest esteem and feel confident that she will
excel in her new endeavor. Her integrity, caring and compassion ideally suit
her to the care industry. In fact, we can think of no one more qualified than
Sonia to meet the needs of the elderly population in this special way. With
her combination of skills, years of experience and personal qualities, families
can feel confident that their loved ones are in the best of hands.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (714)

Kim Bailey
Former Program Director
Alzheimer’ s Association
Sonia Garcia
Guardian Angel Homes

Dear Sonia
I just wanted to thank you and your staff
for taking care of my Mom for the past
six months. If you remember, I was
originally ready to have her signed into
La Veta Health Care Center, and
decided at the last minute that the care
given there would really be too
institutional like and not personal
enough for her level of understanding.
I had talked to you earlier when Mom
just became too big a burden for
Dolores and I
to handle, and when I
talked to you again and you interviewed
with her, you felt that, Guardian Angel
would be more suited for her care.
Wow, were you right! The personal care
that Mom received was great, and far
exceeded my expectations. Your staff
was really caring, even when her
Alzheimer’s became worse, and her
health deteriorated. When she became
even worse with the passing out and
falling, you set up an appointment with
the Sunrise Hospice group to explain
their care level, and they helped to
manage her f
inal days, and both your
staff and Hospice cared for her and
made her passing peaceful.

All of you made her last months easier
for all of our family
Thank You